The total number of miners in Crypto Mining

The total number of miners in  Crypto Mining  system is 1018 in 37 countries with a total amount of capacity 30,019,253 Mh/s.


January 9, 2017
Renovation of accounting system

Renovation of accounting  system and optimization of the security system have been done  successfully.


November 24, 2016
The connecting of 17 miners

The connecting of 17 miners with total amount 490 836 Mh/s. The total number of  connected  farms is 875.


May 3, 2016
installed additional equipment

We have been  installed additional equipment that has reduced electricity consumption in 2.36% with no loss of  equipment capacity.


October 9, 2015
Updated the latest generation’s motherboards

We have been updated  the latest generation’s motherboards  by 60% on all system stations.
 New software had been installed on all miners to optimize  production at 4% of the algorithm.

December 26, 2014